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Atlantic Project Cargo specializes in offering international and domestic oversized and heavy cargo charter services and emergency and time-critical aircraft charter services. You can rely on our air cargo charter service, regardless of the type or size of air shipment. We provide full-cycle shipping services and customized solutions to meet your needs.

Bespoke Solutions to Meet Your Unique Shipping Needs​

Atlantic Project Cargo understands that transporting oversized cargo, such as construction and agricultural equipment, requires specialized knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail. Our team offers bespoke solutions at reasonable rates tailored to your unique cargo shipping requirements. 

Atlantic Project Cargo offers unique solutions for transporting and shipping heavy, bulky, and oversized items, such as cranes and vehicles, which cannot be loaded onto scheduled services. Our air cargo charter services can handle even the most complex logistics challenges and issues. 

From generators, aerospace parts, and offshore equipment to specialized equipment like construction vehicles, cranes, and custom-designed platforms and structures, our logistic experts and professionals ensure the highest service levels from pick up to delivery.

When Do You Need Air Charter Cargo Service?​

If your air cargo, such as construction equipment, requires rigorous security, high flexibility, or massive capacity, a charter service for your cargo can be the most convenient solution. You also need an air charter cargo service for your goods when you must transport them quickly.
Here are some other reasons why you may need an air charter cargo service:

  • You have to transport goods or products to a difficult-to-reach or remote destination.
  • You are looking to transport goods and equipment that are too heavy or bulky for commercial flights.
  • You have to transport goods and items that are sensitive or need special handling and care.

We give you the option to choose either a full charter or split charter service customized to suit your needs and preferences. So, do not sit around the airport for many hours due to delayed or canceled flights or, worse, overbooking.
Atlantic Project Cargo’s team of cargo and freight specialists and customer service professionals can assist with oversized and heavy cargo charter services worldwide.


Atlantic Project Cargo transports and delivers reliable and cost-effective air freight charter services for the following:

  • Automotive parts
  • Oil and gas equipment
  • Goods needing urgent shipping
  • Various aircraft parts
  • Livestock and animals
  • Heavy, bulky, or outsize freight
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Hazmat shipments
  • Dangerous or sensitive goods

Our air freight charter experts will calculate the route, timescale, and payload to recommend the most suitable and affordable available cargo aircraft for your needs and requirements.

Atlantic Project Cargo offers other cargo solutions like part-aircraft charters, backloads, and project cargo transportation solutions.


Air Cargo Charter Service – Our 3 Steps
Our team understands that shipping oversized equipment and cargo can be a daunting and tricky task. Don’t worry, as we’re here to help. Our experienced and trained professionals will take care of everything so that you can focus on more important things.
Request a Quote
Atlantic Project Cargo will start by discussing your cargo’s requirements, such as weight, size, destination, and delivery timeline.
After accounting for the size and weight of your equipment, and other factors, we will provide an accurate quote.
Prepare the Cargo
Once you receive a quote from Atlantic Project Cargo, you will have to prepare your cargo or heavy equipment for shipment. Depending on the type of cargo, this may involve securing it with straps or chains or packing it in a special container or crate. Also, you may have to obtain relevant permits or licenses for shipping hazardous materials, such as:

  • Contents of first aid kits
  • Corrosives and dry ice
  • Explosives, gases, and flammable liquids

After ensuring that your cargo is properly packaged and crated for secure transportation, our team picks it up and delivers it to the final destination.
We cover everything from loading, disassembly, crating, and rigging to customs clearance, insurance, and document preparation to ensure a smooth, convenient, safe, and hassle-free delivery process.
Necessary Documents
Besides preparing your cargo and goods, you must provide Atlantic Project Cargo with certain documents, such as

  • Consular invoice
  • Bill of lading
  • A packing list
  • Shipper’s export declaration
  • Destination control statement
  • A certificate of origin

Once you complete these three steps, we can arrange for the safe and efficient transportation of your cargo. At Atlantic Project Cargo, we are committed to offering our valued customers exceptional service and value. Get in touch with Atlantic Project Cargo today to learn more about our air cargo/freight charter service.

We can offer a range of aircraft, including:

  • Nose-loading freighters
  • Rear-loading freighters
  • Ramp-loading aircraft
  • Aircraft with onboard cranes

Need an aircraft charter for Heavy & Outsize cargo?


Choosing us for your emergency air cargo transportation means you can maintain production, minimize downtime and maximize productivity. With more than 20 years of providing cargo and logistic services, we have become a reputable name in the industry that knows how to address your challenges. Here are some reasons Atlantic Project Cargo is regarded as one of the best for delivering heavy and outsize air cargo charter solutions. 

Experience in Air Freight

We have the experience and know-how to guarantee that your bulky, heavy or time-sensitive cargo is transported on time, efficiently, and on budget. Our courteous and savvy team has completed more than 100,000 logistics and transportation projects for over 20,000 customers worldwide.


We have served over 20000 customers with unique needs and preferences. Atlantic Project Cargo works with a global network of trusted carriers and partners to ensure seamless and smooth coordination throughout the transportation process, offering flexibility, speed, and reliability to ensure your cargo is delivered on time every time.

Global Coverage

When you work with us, you will enjoy cost efficiency and the best shipping rates. We leverage our buying power and reputation to find you the best cargo charter prices, ensuring you always receive the most cost-effective solution. Our cargo charter service is an end-to-end solution with global coverage offering rapid deployment.


No, we also offer other options. Where a full charter is not the best or most affordable option, we can offer a part charter. Our aim is to provide charter solutions that are flexible, speedy, economical, and customized to individual requirements.
Also, our team offers customs clearance, hand carries / onboard couriers, and trucking services to connect to and from the airport.

As our full charter services are bespoke, you will not likely find other cargo onboard. However, if you would like to ensure that no other cargo is on board, please inform your broker.

Our quoted price will at least include the aircraft, crew, and fuel costs. It will also cover ground handling and aircraft insurance costs. However, full details of inclusions and exclusions can vary from one charter to another and will be elucidated in your quote.

Civil aviation authorities or domestic airlines will charge these fees while securing traffic rights for a specific country. Royalty fees are charged when you ship goods that are subject to intellectual property rights, like trademarks.
In contrast, non-objection fees are charged when you ship goods to a country or region with restrictions on certain kinds of goods. Not all countries charge these fees, and if they are likely to appear as an extra charge, your broker will inform you.

We have an in-house compliance team for this purpose. The team maintains records of third-party insurance and air operator certificates (AOC) of every airline that Atlantic Project Cargouses for its charters.
Besides this, our sales team leverages a custom-built system that alerts it before an offer is made to a client in cases where the aircraft is missing documents or if they have expired.

We don’t impose minimum or maximum weight requirements when booking a charter and arranging a tailored solution for your cargo. If you have more cargo or items than what can load on a single aircraft, our brokers can source multiple aircraft to get the job done. We aim to make things simple.

Yes, our charter flights are trackable. Our team will send live updates throughout the process, ensuring your peace of mind. Our teams use multiple sources for tracking aircraft. This shows the movements in real time so that we can provide quick and accurate updates to our clients.
We are proud to offer round-the-clock assistance, short and simple procedures, and access to international destinations for all your emergency consignments, hazmat, and urgent cargo.

Our time-critical air cargo charter service available for a lot of industies: automotive, construction, hazardous materials, agricultural, food industry etc.


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