John Deere’s most Powerful Tractors yet: The new 2025 9RX Series

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John Deere has released its most powerful tractor to date, the 2025 9RX series. This ground-up redesign has increased horsepower and efficiency, allowing farmers to cover more ground and reduce operating costs.


  • With a maximum engine power of 830 hp (John Deere 830 model), the 9RX series can eliminate passes and reduce soil compaction, leading to a 100-acre-per-day increase in productivity compared to previous models (based on John Deere’s internal testing).
  • The tractors can pull double the cart load at 1 mph faster speeds, minimizing refill downtime.


  • John Deere offers three 9RX models (710, 770, and 830) with in-line six JD18 engines and 515-gallon fuel tanks.
  • The JD18 engines are single-fluid engines, eliminating the need for DEF and potentially saving up to 800 gallons per year.
  • The e21, 21-speed transmission with Efficiency Manager provides smooth operation and quick acceleration.
  • An optional triple pump delivers up to 168 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow, and an optional Intelligent Power Management system adds 40 hp to the 830 model.


  • The base weight is 74,000 pounds, with a maximum ballast of 84,000 pounds.
  • John Deere has replaced traditional suitcase weights with forklift-ready mono weights for easier ballasting.
  • The 9RX tractors have a 15.2-foot wheelbase and a 22.3-foot turning radius.


  • The new CommandView IV Plus cab offers 15% more floor space and 20% better right-side visibility.
  • The cab suspension system provides a smooth ride, and the air seat offers swivel capabilities (depending on the package).
  • Upgraded features include a footrest peg, storage compartments, and a cooling box.


  • The 9RX series features the same technology as John Deere’s 2024 tractors, including an in-cab G5 Plus display, StarFire 7500 receiver, JDLink modem, and autonomy-ready features.


The 2025 John Deere 9RX series is available for order starting in late March of 2024. To learn more about these tractors, visit the official John Deere website. 


The 2025 John Deere 9RX tractor series costs $900,000 to $1.1 million. The price depends on specific configurations and features chosen by the purchaser.


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